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Last updated: 1/5/2023


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Week #2 EVMavericks Update: Dec 19, 2022 - Dec 25, 2022

Twitter Thread | Reddit Post

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 🎄 🦁

Stating off with Important Information 👇

  1. First DAO treasury investment executed! Half of ETH into rETH!
  2. Dondo gives PSA: ETH Denver Scholarship here, applications close 12/31:
  3. Education channel created, Yielddady shares an educational vid:
  4. Jasper writes an article on: How rETH Will Flip stETH -
  5. luukiemans shares a job opportunity - -

Other Info:

  1. nuwtox drops some alpha in the degen chat about OYAC collection on a layer 2 - Optimism.
  2. icobeast writes a thread on Ryan Carson’s POAPs 8 TheBenMeadows talks about art on art2act spaces. Starting at a minute 10 till 25 -
  3. icobeast creates and lens profiles a tries to get a name such as legal, trump, twitter, etc bust most of them are reserved. Ends up with tatas.lens
  4. icobeast creates a poap because he misses a dailydose but it doesn’t get approved
  5. qtoza askes about tax tracking software alternatives to koinly and Replies include: koinly,, cointracker
  6. etheraider has a random interesting idea about building a ‘normie tracker’
  7. WakΞ follows every EVM on Farcaster. Sparkts interest. And offers to help onboarding.
  8. scottrepreneur is helping out with invites to orb -
  9. moarroar teaches how to use chatgpt AI -
  10. Free artblocks for holders of artblocks
  11. People talk about shorting BTC/ETH.
  12. Some AI art talk and experimentations in the creators channels.
  13. New people show up in the public chat after reading our lion paper
  14. Yielddaddy links that ENS might acquire .eth TLD from ICANN
  15. #evm-activity channel sees 3 purchases.
  16. People talking about meme coins and profits.
  17. A bit of talk about historical NFTs, EIPandas. again talk about RC and Poap collecting.
  18. Discussion about AI, art and technology in the #the-den
  19. Talks about withdrawals and perspectives on them being bullish and bearish depending on the timeframes
  20. Layer zero players have a call in the discord about their game (but open to all lions)
  21. Some gamefi talk here and there and people are trying to play some games
  22. Fellow lions appreciate last weekly review.
  23. Lots of holiday wishes